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Georgia Suicide Prevention College Coalition

Georgia's College Suicide Prevention Coalition


Every other year, Georgia's DBHDD, Suicide Prevention program has to hosted a Suicide Prevention on College & University Campus Conference. Out of that effort a great interest has grown to form a statewide collaboration of colleges driven by a passion to save lives on college campuses. 

The group is comprised of higher education professionals from various private and public institutions; and this partnership with the University System of GA (USG), Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Office of Behavioral Health Prevention (OBHP) and the non-profit suicide prevention organization, SPAN-Georgia. 

This coalition is open to colleges and universities all throughout the state of Georgia.


The state currently (2016 - 2020) is operating a grant that includes support for the College and University Coalition.  They will host a Conference once per year for the 5 years of this grant.  

All Georgia colleges are welcome to join. If you are interested in your college collaborating in this effort, contact Jacqueline Awe at