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Crisis of Suicide Educational Packet

In Georgia over 1,100 citizens die by suicide each year and thousands make an attempt serious enough to require emergency room treatment and hospitalization. Those we have lost are someone’s parent, their spouse, their child, their sibling, their friend or co-worker. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, police officers, fire fighters, active military, veterans, retirees, blue-collar workers and business executives. They are under the age of 15, over the age of 70 and all ages in between. They are male, female, and come from ALL racial, economic and demographic backgrounds. They include people of all faiths, races, origins and sexual orientations.

There is an impact on everyone who knows a person that dies by suicide. 20% of us will lose someone in our family to suicide and 60% of us will lose someone close in our lives; friends, family and colleagues. For years, these tragic deaths were thought to be something which we just had to accept; that there was nothing we could do to prevent suicide, but we have since learned that this is not true, that SUICIDE IS THE MOST PREVENTABLE CAUSE OF DEATH!

The first step is to know what the crisis is, and then become a part of the solution! Read the information that we have posted for you, then ask us how you can make a difference!

Crisis of Suicide Package







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