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Purple Packets

Purple SOS Packets

The Georgia Purple Survivors Of Suicide Packets were developed to help get information in the hands of those at first contact with new survivors (those that have lost a loved one to suicide). By distributing these packets to Funeral Directors, Law Enforcement, EMS, Churches, Schools, Counselors ...throughout a community, and educating those contacts of the importance of getting resources into the hands of survivors quickly, we are able to support survivors and get them to resources much more quickly.

We also deliver the Funeral Directors guide when delivering the purple packets to funeral homes.  To download, CLICK HERE

For a Downloadable Version of the pieces in the Purple Packet:

Purple SOS Packets Include:

Item 1: Dear Friend

Item 2: Beyond Surviving/Resources

Item 3: GSPIN Card

Item 4: GCAL Card

Item 5: SOS Brochure

Item 6: SOS Handbook


For a downloadable versions in Spanish:

Item 4: GCAL Card (Spanish)

Item 6: SOS Handbook (Spanish)

We put the contents into a purple envelope so that if the are tucked away at the time they are first given to a survivor, they can easily spot the envelope when they go to look for it!

If you would like to share or deliver purple packets in your area, contact us at