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Suicide Safer Community Grants

Suicide Safer Community Grants


Requirements for becoming a DBHDD Suicide-Safer Community:

 - A named coalition or task force that guides the work of the community as it works towards making the community suicide safer

      • Made up of at least 5 people who have formally signed on
      • With a leadership structure of at least 3 people
      • With a named non-profit organization that will be responsible for receiving and dispersing funds for the coalition or task force as decided by the coalition or task force

Surveillance of local suicide statistics and data

- Yearly goals and objectives that incorporate the Pillars of Suicide-Safer Communities

- At least 2 community awareness activities within the year, 1 of which will occur during Suicide Prevention Week in September

- Participate in the Joining Hands Across Georgia Annual Coalitions Conference

- At least one gatekeeper training activity in the year developing a corps of gatekeeper trainers

- Support training in the use of evidence-based practices for first responders, law enforcement, military, mental health professionals, school personnel, clergy, and media representatives in order to build a safety net for people at risk for suicide

Participate in Survivor Services activities

- Support suicide prevention activities in individual organizations

- Keep a record of meetings and activities

- Develop a mid year and end of year report of accomplishments to be sent to DBHDD

- Develop mechanisms to track what works, what doesn't work, and what's promising in the community's suicide prevention efforts.