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Hispanic Population Data & Resources

 Q;  Are suicide risk factors different for the Hispanic/Latino population than other groups?

 A:  While the majority of risk factors apply to all ethnic groups, there are additional risk factors that can sometimes appear in the Hispanic/Latino community.  These Include:

      • Generational differences, beliefs and customes:  Differences between generations can increase family conflict and problems, which can increase risk for suicide.  
      • Added stress for recent immigrants: Hispanics/Latino immigrants tend to arrive with less money, fewer social networks, less employment opportunities and experience more discrimination than other immigrant groups.
      • Reduced access to professional mental health assistance: Language barriers, cost of care, and cultural stigma relative to mental health all increase risk.  

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Latino Teen Suicide: A Problem that can be Prevented - This project's goal was to explore the issue of Latino teen suicide in Georgia and what's being done in our state to prevent suicide attempts. The first part tells the story of a young Hispanic man who survived a suicide attempt and how he and his family has dealt with this situation. This is the second part of the series, which further explores the causes of teen suicide and gives some information on the programs and initiatives that are in place in Georgia and other states that can serve as a model for teen suicide prevention.

Suicide Among Hispanics Population in the U.S. - This fact sheet is 1 of 4, from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center,that summarize data and research on suicidal behavior among paticular racial and ethnic populations. 

From the Office of Suicide & Violence Prevention at Nova University - Some resources for Hispanic College Students


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