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SOS Support Group Facilitation Training

Are you interested in becoming an SOS Support Group Facilitator?  

Survivors of Suicide Loss Group Facilitator Training

FEBRUARY 24 and 25, 2017 at The Link Counseling Center

Sandy Springs, GA

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Groups have been found to be one of the strongest supports for adults who have lost a loved one to suicide.  We work hard to create these resources for survivors throughout the state. This training is based on the program developed by Iris Bolton, author of My Son, My Son.

The training is relavant for both survivors and professionals who wish to create and facilitate a support group for survivors of a suicide loss.  Support teams are also trained to be volunteers available to make home visits when requested by the family in the crisis of their loss. (not all teams choose to do home visits in their area, but are trained so if they decide to add that resource they can)  Those who take the training must be at least 18 months - 2 years out from their own loss and have done their own grief work.  Survivors often find meaning in their loss by giving to others who are recently bereaved, but to safely give to others, you must be to a healthy place in your own grief journey.  

The SOS Support Group Facilitation Training is held twice a year at the Link Counseling Center in Sandy Springs.  For those that live in Georgia, the training is supported by SPAN-GA through a grant with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, Suicide Prevention Program.  Space for each training is limited and filled on a first come first serve basis.

In 2008, we created a model for successful SOS Groups in Georgia.  Seems like a simple process, but really starting a group for Surivors of a Suicide Loss is a very important and big commitment.  Once you announce your group and start your meetings, it has to remain a constant so that the resources don't come and go, leaving survivors going to meetings that aren't there.  So the model that we found to be most successful was a team approach.  We have started a group with as few as two members on a team but the best is four or more members on the team.  

An SOS group needs two facilitators at each meeting, so with a team of four there is a rotation of responsibility as well as room for illness and problems with a facilitator making a meeting.  It also spreads the responsibility of marketing and supporting the group.  

Currently, Sheri McGuinness with SPAN-GA is the coordinator of SOS Groups effort in Georgia, and can help with information regarding beginning a group, training for facilitation, help with organizing, and ongoing support for your group.  If you are interested in taking this training or have a team in your community that would like to be trained, contact Sheri.  You can contact her at: GeorgiaSurvivors@

For more information on the upcoming 2017 SOS Group Facilitator Training, click HERE