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The Pillars of a Suicide Safer Community


Suicide Safer communities in Georgia are communities where individuals, families and organizations come together to prevent suicides, reduce stigma, and provide support to those bereaved by suicide by following the Pillars of a Suicide-Safer community. 


The Pillars of a Suicide-Safer Community:



Building a core group of stakeholders to start a community wide effort to create action focused on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.


Action plan

Development of a research-based action plan with annual priorities for promoting suicide prevention and building capacity; based around needs assessment and community data collection; and include organized activities to be executed during suicide prevention day, week and/or month. 


Community Collaboration

Bringing together community stakeholders from all areas of the community to voice needs, plan, create and execute activities to implement the action plan. While also building a foundation of resources for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. 


Awareness and Stigma Reduction 

Providing awareness events to educate the public about the crisis of suicide, what can be done to help and to begin to break the stigma.


Gatekeeper Training and Professional Training

Providing gatekeeper training so community citizens and organizations know how to identify people who may be at risk of suicide and get the to help. Training professionals in a variety of prevention, intervention and postvention programs and skills.


A.I.M. - Assessing, Intervention & Monitoring

Providing primary care and behavioral health care that use evidence-based practices to identify, intervene and monitor those at risk of suicide. 



Development and implenting prevention strategies and programs designed to impact the population at large with a lifespan approach. 



Implement activities to support those bereaved by suicide as they grieve their loss and journey from surviving to thriving. Reduce the stigma associated with a loss by suicide.


Behavioral Health Promotion

Establishing a thoughtful and comprehensive plan to inform the community about mental health and wellness. Promoting the mental health and well being of all its citizens, especially through social connectedness strategies.



Monitoring and maintaining a plan to keep coalition/task force efforts moving forward.