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Suicide Safer Communities

Building Suicide Safer Communities in Georgia


The Georgia Suicide Prevention program - Blending public health and behavioral health. Approaches to prevent suicide in Georgia

Key activities:

  • Organizing Community Coalitions
  • Promoting Awareness and Reducing Stigma
  • Community and Public Gatekeeper Training
  • Training Professionals
  • Organizing Suicide Prevention in Systems of Care
  • Providing support to people bereaved by suicide
  • Surveillance 


The Air Force Model was the Gold Standard with its multi-pronged approach. We have learned that it is more effective in preventing suicides to develop and sustain multiple initiatives simultaneously. The more strategies in place the better. It is these initiatives working together that keep communities safe, not any one particular initiative. In an effort to accomplish this we have adopted the Suicide-Safer Communities program as our strategy to achieve our goals. 

Suicide Safer communities in Georgia are communities where individuals, families and organizations come together to prevent suicide, reduce stigma, and provide support to those bereaved by suicide, by following the Pillars of a Suicide-Safer community. Click on our Suicide-Safer communities menu to learn how your community can be designated as a Suicide Safer Community.


Suicide Safer Communities

  • A Canadian Initiative of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention and LivingWorks
  • A way of messaging our work that speaks to the reality of what we want to accomplish
  • Provides an organizing framework for our common work in communities, tracking our progress and planning for the future